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We know that... are finding it increasingly difficult to get an appointment with your chosen doctor as quickly as either you or we would like…. we want to explain why.

  • There were 340 million GP consultations last year, up from 300 million 5 years ago compared with 22 million to A&E.
  • Your GP is being asked to do more and more work for hospitals because they are under pressure too.
  • Successive governments have given us more paperwork so less time to spend with patients.
  • In addition we now have to attend management meetings about the structure of the NHS, have time out to prepare for Care Quality Commission inspections as well as spending time on educational meetings so that we can ‘revalidate’ and remain in practice.
  • We can no longer limit the number of patients we have registered with us without reducing the services we provide to you.
  • General Practices do 90% of the consultations in the NHS on less than 8% of the budget, 10 years ago it was 10% of the budget.
  • All this means that young doctors don’t want to be GPs anymore and established GPs want to leave the profession early.
  • In Somerset, a survey this year shows that nearly 1/3 of GPs are to retire by 2020 with many others now expected to give up early.
  • In the last 2 years GPs have only been able to replace 2/3 of doctors leaving their Practices

If you hear that we are not working hard enough and only want money to line our own pockets, please don’t believe it. All we want is more time and less interference so that we can get on with what we have been trained to do - to help you and your families get well, keep well and stay well.

Named GP for all patients

From 1st April 2015, in line with new regulations, all patients will have a named GP. Please ask at reception if you wish to know who your named GP is.

Your Usual GP will be your named GP and we are going to work through this year, until March 2016, to notify as many patients as possible of their Named GP. As with patients aged 75 years and above, who have already been assigned a Named GP, this does not stop you from booking to see any other clinician.

If you have a preference, as to who you would like your named GP to be, please let us know and we will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate your wishes.

The named GP will take lead responsibility for the coordination of services required and will ensure these are delivered to you where required, (based on the clinical judgement of the GP).

Vine Surgery Solar Panel Project

Solar Panels at Vine Surgery

Vine Surgery is pleased to announce the completion of the installation of solar panels at the Surgery.

The system, installed by EcoNRG of Bridgwater, was finished last week and went live on 5th November.

It is expected that the panels will generate sufficient electricity to power the Surgery, with some surplus back to the National Grid.


Do you have a fever or feel unwell?

Have you returned from Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Leone or cared for someone with Ebola in the past 21 days?

If you answer YES to both the above questions then please contact the surgery immediately or call out of hours on 111 when we are closed. Please do not come into surgery unless advised by your GP as you maybe a risk to others.

For more information click here.

Patient Records

This practice records information about you, your health and your treatment, so that you receive the right care. We are also involved in research that requires access to fully annonymised computerised information from patient's notes. For more information, and how you can opt out, please click here.

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Self Help Advice and Tools

Patient Access

Patient Access

Use Patient Access to book an appointment, order repeat prescriptions and view your medical record.

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NHS 111

111 is the NHS non-emergency number. It’s fast, easy and free. Call 111 and speak to a highly trained adviser, supported by healthcare professionals.

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NHS Choices

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